The Office of Career Development Cell is dedicated to guiding LNCT Jabalpur's undergraduates, graduates, and alumnae/i on their respective career paths. No matter where you are on this journey, we are here to help. We offer a wide range of career services including career counseling, workshops, information sessions, industrial trainings and employer site visits/industrial visits, just to name a few. Feel free to explore our website, and please come in for a visit.

The Office of CDC offers a broad range of career services that empower students to explore, define, and realize their career goals. Our office is a student-centered support service: we offer one-on-one counseling appointments, consultations throughout the career planning process, and assistance with goal-setting and goal achievement through a variety of career exploration activities. Our goal is to provide lifetime tools and skills for professional development, job search success, and career satisfaction.

We @ CDC, help students become job ready which is the 1st step towards a fulfilling career. We do so by empowering them with all the real world skill sets that today’s competitive corporate environment demands. Conducting training workshops on topics ranging from CV building, Group Discussions to high impact presentations & interview handling skills, domain specific training; we will offer all. In simpler words, we will make our students ‘Employable’

We will also conduct management development trainings such as leadership & motivation, art of business communication, corporate grooming & etiquettes and many more that help a candidate prepare for the sea of opportunities ahead.

Career Planning : Steps to Success


Are you unsure of where to begin? The first step in the career planning process is to take inventory of your personality, interests, values, and skills using self-assessments.


Once you've narrowed your career search options, it's time to research a particular industry or occupation.


The way you present yourself may make the difference between getting lost in the shuffle and finding success.


Approximately one-third of all LNCTJ students participate in the Internship Program during their four years. Why? Ambition Institute students have the unique advantage of undergoing industrial trainings in every academic year, which prepares our students for unmatchable internship and placement opportunities.


While your resume makes a first impression, the interview leaves a lasting impression.


Interested in pursuing your education beyond LNCTJ ? Let us help you find the right path and the right school.


Anxious about transitioning from college to career? Finding an exciting, fulfilling, and challenging job that will start you on the road to a successful and happy career is your goal. It is important to be realistic, while keeping your enthusiasm.

Personality Development and Soft Skills Development for Holistic Growth

It is a known fact that in most of the Indian engineering and management colleges, students are from different academic backgrounds coming from different places having different mother tongues. Therefore there is a need to provide them a common platform to make them competent enough to face the real challenges of today’s corporate world. According to our findings, students with skills like positive attitude, effective communication, problem solving, time management, team spirit, self-confidence, handling criticism, flexibility, etc which are also known as soft skills as a whole, have much better chances of survival in the tough corporate world compared to the students who are lacking in these soft skills.

Employability skills are very essential in the current global job market. These skills can be termed as soft skills, which are given utmost importance in campus interviews. At LNCTJ, it will be a constant effort to incorporate these skills so seamlessly that they appear as a part of the syllabus. This will certainly help students develop their employability skills and it will make them execute the assigned works efficiently in any institution after the selection process.

Soft Skills

The seven soft skills are...

  • Communicative skills
  • Critical thinking and Problem Solving skills
  • Team work
  • Life-Long Learning & Information Management Skills
  • Entrepreneurship skillsEthics - Moral & Professional
  • Leadership skills